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Last Update: Oct 2nd, 2021

Mobilome genetic elements predicted from ESKAPEE bacterial genomes using VRprofile2
Genomic island 54,482 Genomic island regions Genomic island carring ARG 1,186 Genomic island regions
Prophage 40,731 Prophage regions Prophage carring ARG 612 Prophage regions
Integrative Conjugative Elements 6,582 Integrative Conjugative Elements regions Integrative Conjugative Elements carring ARG 637 Integrative Conjugative Elements regions
IS clusters or Transposons 189,282 IS cluster or Transposon regions IS clusters or Transposons carring ARG 9,831 IS cluster or Transposon regions
Integrons 3,384 Integron regions Integrons carring ARG 3,384 Integron regions
SCCmecs 740 SCCmec regions SCCmecs carring ARG 715 SCCmec regions
MobilomeDB2 dataset I : The experiment validated mobilome collected from literatures
Integrative Conjugative Elements Information of 180 experiment verified Integrative Conjugative Elements
Transposons Information of 241 experiment verified Transposons
Plasmids Information of 165 experiment verified plasmids
MobilomeDB2 dataset II : The predicted active ARG-mobilome based on the VRprofile2-predicted MGEs in ESKAPEE bacteria
ActiveMGE Information of 106 predicted active MGEs
Antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs)
Antibiotic resistance genes 3,237 acquired antibiotic resistance genes from ResFinder
Virulence genes
Virulence factors 2,230 virulence factors from VFDB